Custom Built Computer Systems

NuPort Enterprises, based in Hampton Roads VA, is a Computer & Communication consulting firm — specializing in personalized sales and service for individuals, businesses, schools, churches, government, and other organizations.

Here at NuPort, we do not stock thousands of parts like many other companies. Why? We test and support every part we sell; and by buying top quality, name brand parts, it is very unlikely that you'll have to return a part for replacement. We also have fewer support problems; therefore, we have happier customers.

We know quality computer parts, and we know which parts work together effectively. The computer systems we build are custom made to meet your specific needs. At NuPort, we find out the exact needs of our customers, including how the customers plan to use their computers; and then we explain the many available components and pricing options.

We listen attentively to our customers to understand and respond to their specific needs.  Our technical experts are always available to help our customers diagnose hardware and software problems as well as offer a broad range of consulting related to computer & communication products & services.

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